March 28, 2014

Behind The Scenes

It's the end of another good week.  And also almost the end of my Spring Break.  Back to teaching on Monday, but for right now I'm wringing every possible moment out of my last three days!

On Monday Mom and I went to Ikea.  She was looking for baskets for her new kitchen.  I was looking for a stool.  Of course we both came home with way more than that! And we had lunch.  I need to make Swedish meatballs at home, because I devour them at Ikea!

I met my beautiful friends for dinner on Tuesday.  We had delicious tacos and margaritas on Mass Ave. in Indianapolis.  Then we volunteered for Gleaners Food Bank.  Good food and good karma!

Boomer enjoying his doughnut treat.  It sure was crunchy!

Breakfast for supper is my favorite! Maybe because we never did that when I was little.  We had to wait for the weekend for bacon :)

And finally--I had a friend while I was getting ready this morning.  I'm pretty sure this cute squirrel has moved into the tree behind our house.  He seems friendly so far; though Boomer is highly suspicious of him.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  We're having friends over and have some fun things planned!

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