October 2, 2015

We Moved to Sacramento!

In March of this year, Dustin interviewed for a job in Sacramento.  That particular position didn't quite match up with what we wanted, so we settled in to our lives in Indiana and moved on.

Our new house!
Until early May, when the company called back. They offered a different position that seems like a perfect fit for Dustin's experience and personality. And so, we sold our house, packed up everything, and at the beginning of July moved across the country to Sacramento!

Cheese boards are a food group, right?

It has been a super exiting (and rather dramatic) couple of months, but we're settling into Sacramento! We were looking for an apartment that would fit our needs and be in our budget.  It was a long process and for a while it seemed like nothing would work out. Thankfully we found an awesome house that is right outside the city.

At a FREE Farm-to-Fork Block Party!

Our belongings were delayed by a month getting here, so we moved into our house with the things we had packed to bring with us for a week. No furniture, no things to cook with or eat off of, no cleaning supplies, no nothing. Luckily we had planned to buy a new bed when we got here, so we didn't sleep on the floor for a month! And Ikea is 5 minutes away from us, so we were able to buy lots of Ikea goodies to make it through!

My reward for finishing my real estate courses! 

I've finished my California real estate courses, so as soon as I'm approved to take the test I will be ready to rock and roll with my real estate career! I'm super excited to start helping people buy and sell their homes--real estate hits so many of my personal 'happy spots' that I need from a career.

Beautiful sunset right behind our water tower!

I'm hoping to pick up on my blogging--just for fun and with no real focus... Yay randomness! Follow along if you want--or don't lol. Follow me on Instagram too! Lots of fun pictures over there! 


  1. Short and sweet! ❤️ Miss you guys! Can't wait to hug you soon!


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