May 16, 2014

How to Make Lattice Top Pie Crust

A lattice top pie looks very beautiful.  All the weaving, and the filling just poking through here and there. Normally it's golden brown and delicious looking.  But it can be a pain the butt.

Step By Step How to Make a Lattice Top Pie

The weaving is the trick--how do you get the pieces over and under each other without breaking?  The weaving itself might be tricky, but this step by step tutorial of how to make a lattice top pie shows that it's almost easy!  Just a little 'tricky'.

The trick to making a lattice top pie is not actually weaving the strips.  Taking the pie crust and placing and folding it in the weaving pattern makes everything simple, without every having to force one piece of pie crust under another one. 

First you need a delicious flaky pie crust.  Roll the pie crust into a large circle 2-3 inches bigger than your pie dish.  It's better to have strips too long than too short.

Pie Crust Rolled Out

Cut the pieces into 1 inch strips.  I used a ruler and a straight edge to help my pieces be evenly sized. You can use a fluted cutter or a straight one. A sharp knife will work just as well. 

Measuring and Strips

After all your pieces are cut take one of the longest pie crust strips and place it vertically (blue) down the middle of the pie.  Space your next vertical strip about 1 inch away.  Repeat with the remaining space on the pie; use shorter pieces as you get farther from the middle.

Vertical Pie Strips for Lattice Top

Now your going to fold your pie strips.  Starting with the middle strip, fold back every other strip across a little more than half the pie.  Place your first horizontal strip (red) across the middle of the pie, on top of the unfolded vertical strips.  

First Horizontal Layers

Unfold the vertical strips.  You have 'weaved' your first pie strip.

Fold the vertical pieces you did not fold before.  You should be folding back every other vertical strip over the first horizontal piece.

Second Horizontal Pie Strip

Place the next horizontal piece across the pie about 1 inch away from the first.  Place it on top of the unfolded vertical strips.  Unfold the vertical strips and repeat.  

Two Horizontal Pie Crust Lattice

Repeat with this half of the pie before turning it around and following the same steps with the other side.

Lattice Top How-To

How to Make a Lattice Top Pie Crust

Carefully trim the excess edges off of the strips, going around the pie.  Use a sharp knife to prevent pulling or tearing the pie dough.  Then gently press the edges to adhere, or you can crimp the edges.  Whatever you want!

Trim Pie Dough

You pie is ready to bake.  Just cook it to your recipe's specifications.  I love the look of a lattice top pie.  For the longest time I was terrified of trying because I thought it would be too hard.  With this simple method of making a lattice top pie you can totally do it for your next pie!

What's your favorite way to top a pie?  I'm super excited to try new ways soon!

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