August 26, 2013

Gray and Coral Bathroom Mood Board

I've had a lot different ideas for our half bathroom. Dark teal with a silver ceiling? Bright green like the kitchen is going to be?  Stripes?  A simple gray is what we decided to go with. We don't want it to be too much of a focal point, and the gray will make it nice and soothing.

The half bathroom is visible from both the kitchen and the living room, and it's the main bathroom our guests use while they are here. We also use it quite often--so it needs to be functional for us and guests. 

It's also currently a rather odd shade of green (most of the house was when we bought it.) It's also a room that we don't have touch up paint for. So after we patched the holes, we've been living with some pretty patched spots on the walls. It's a good look :)

I'm super excited to start this makeover! Gray paint will bring in the color we're going to paint the main walls in the living rooms. And I think the coral accents will be a fun pop of unexpected color that will give the room some interest, but won't stand out too much. 

White accessories are clean and classic, and I like that I can switch them between rooms if the mood strikes.  A few of the accessories I'm planning to DIY.  Paint swirling the vases and attempting to silver leaf a mirror frame.  Sounds like a good time to me!

What's your go to color for a small bathroom? Do you go subtle or bold?

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